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Hi, I'm Pat Evans and I want to tell you about myself.

I was born Patsy Sue Green on 18 Apr. 1942 (On the day of Doolittle's famous raid on Tokyo). It seems I arrived just before my twin sister Peggy Ann, which means I am the oldest. This fact was drilled into me since birth, and everyone just assumes I am the much older of the two of us. Peggy and I were born at home, on Osage street, Meadow Park addition of Corpus Christi, Texas. Since we were a little premature, my father used our oven as an incubator. Actually, Peggy and I were the two youngest of four children, but our brother, Rusty (b 1929), and sister, Hazel (b 1935), were so much older, we were like a separate family.

Life was a little difficult at first. My parents were divorced by the time I was two, and I was raised mainly by my step-mother, a wonderful woman whom we always just called "Moms". Moms had a son by her previous marriage. He was also much older than I. Indeed, he was off driving a tank for General Patton in France when my father married Moms. However, when he came back, Johnny always played the role of a true older brother to me. I give Moms complete credit for instilling in me such noble and virtuous traits as I possess, not that I am perfect by any stretch of the imagination. Actually, I was somewhat of a tomboy, frequently in trouble for things I did, and for things Peggy did as well, for I was her "older sister" and therefore responsible.

Early in life, I developed a deep compassion and love for animals, and hated the way some treated their pets. Moms always had a Boston terrier around the house, whom she would always spoil, and so would I. Through the years I have gathered a collection of ceramic Boston terriers, ranging in size from less than an inch long, to a life size one that sleeps under a deacon's bench in our living room. That one is so realistic, it even fools other dogs at first. My current Boston Terriers are Colonel and Lady. Colonel is a 40 pound lug who thinks he is a little lap dog. Lady is a "lady" until you are not looking, then she sprouts horns.

Cooking is a passion in my life, and I have a large collection of cookbooks. However, my cooking career has not been without disasters. Once, when baking brownies, I forgot to change my oven from "preheat" to "bake". The result is what my husband labeled "Bedrock Brownies". The most well liked recipe I have is one I picked up while living in New England. It is one to make Cranberry Nut Bread. Around Christmas I wind up making upwards of twenty loaves for family and friends. I also have a mean recipe for Raspberry Fudge. It was adapted from an equally good recipe for Mexican Skillet Fudge.

My cooking skills were put to good use when, in order to help with the financial support of my sons while they were on Church missions, I went to work as a school cafeteria cook. For 12 years I followed this profession. It always gives me great pride when, years later, one of my grade school customers recognizes me, and gives me warm thanks for my service.

Quilting is another hobby of mine. I am proud of the baby quilts I have made for each of my ten grandchildren.

I love working with youth. While living in Beeville, Texas, I taught our church's high school students in what is called "Seminary". Each school day, two hours before school started, they would meet at the Church for religious instruction. Each month I would drive them sixty miles to Corpus Christi, for the Stake Dance; and served as their chaperon. They paid me great honor by nicknaming me "Ma Perkins" and, just before I moved to Garland, Texas, they threw a special party for me, in which no adults, except for my husband and I were invited. If only all memories could be so sweet.

For the last ten years I have served as a worker in the Dallas Texas Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. This has been an especially uplifting experience. It goes hand in hand with my love to dig up my family roots. Some of the results of my labor is found on this website.

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