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About Bob!

Hi! I'm Bob Evans and this is a little of my life's story.

I was born Robert Travis Evans on 8 Nov. 1938 (Election Day). The place my mother chose for this blessed event was Roberts Hospital of Corpus Christi, Texas. Being the middle of three children, life was tough, but I survived. Early on I found out I enjoyed board games, history, geography, math, and the great outdoors.

I have a love of music, but not a voice to match. In the seventh grade, some music course was required. The choices were Band, Orchestra, or choir. The default was choir, to which I was assigned. At the close of the first day's class, the teacher suggested I volunteer for the band. My musical ego has never recovered.

In high school, I developed an appetite for chess. I played fairly well, holding my own against several players with ratings above 1800 (U.S. Chess Federation), but never pursued it seriously after graduation. W. B. Ray High School was my Alma Mater. Lacking a wealthy family, I chose to attend Del Mar Junior College (now called Community College), from which I obtained an A.A. degree. One summer and one winter term at the University of Texas (Austin) followed, where I was majoring in Electrical Engineering. Then I decided that an EE career was not for me, and, not sure what I wanted to do, I joined the Navy, figuring that in four years I would figure it all out. Twenty years later, I was still in the Navy and still not sure what I wanted to do as a profession.

After retirement from the Navy, I found the opportunity to complete my undergraduate work at the University of Texas at Dallas. Since UTD had no football team, I retained my complete loyalty to the Longhorns - Hook'em Horns!

Now, after a seventeen year career as an Applications Programmer, I am retired, as is Pat. We are free to do those things we like to do, but can't make any money doing. Traveling is nice and we have visited all fifty states and are working on the provinces of Canada. Family history occupies much of my time and we do a lot of volunteer church work, including serving as workers in the LDS Temple at Dallas.

I enjoy exchanging emails with people on a variety of subjects, so don't feel afraid to write. Contact me at bobevans01@aolcom.